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Revolutionize Your Shopify Store
with an AI Chatbot with YUGAA

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24/7 Availability

Always-On support. Yugaa ensures Assistance whenever your customer needs it . Day or Night

Empathetic Responses

Human-Like Conversations Made Easy.Our AI Chatbot understands context, Intent and responds naturally

Personalization and Customization

Tailored To Your Brand. Our Chatbot Analyzes User Behavior For Personalized Responses And Adapts To Your Unique Needs.

Data Securioty and Privacy

Trust In Every Interaction. Our AI Chatbot Prioritizes Data Security, Employing Encryption For Confidentiality.


Decreased Waiting Time

Significantly Reduced Wait Times for Improved Efficiency


Response Accuracy

Consistently Accurate Responses Enhance User Experience


Reduced Support Cost

Streamlined Operations Lead to Significant Cost Savings


Reduction in Human Transfers

Majority of the user queries are handled by Vaga, saving time & efforts

Pricing for every stage

Pay once and get life-time access to our high quality components.

Basic Plan

Get Started with our AI Chatbot Services.
$69/1500 Conversations

1500 Conversations/month

GPT-3.5 Turbo Powered Chatbot

Widget Customizations

Live Bot Analytics

2 Page Ingestion

Multi-Lingual Bot

Support Over email

Pro Plan

Upgrade to our Pro Plan for premium Functionality
$99/2500 Conversations

2500 Conversations/month

All Features Of BASIC Plan

Unlimited Page Ingestion

No Yugaa Branding

Highest Priority Support

Early Access To Updates

Dedicated Account Manager

Round-the-clock Chat Support (Whatsapp, Slack, Teams)

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Frequently asked questions

What is an AI chatbot?
An AI Chatbot Is A Computer Program That Simulates Human Conversation Through Artificial Intelligence.
How can an AI chatbot benefit my Shopify store?
An AI Chatbot Can Enhance Customer Service, Provide Instant Support (24/7), Increase Engagement, And Streamline Processes On Your Shopify Store.
Is customer data secure with your AI chatbot service?
Yes, We Prioritize The Security Of Customer Data And Have Robust Measures In Place To Protect Sensitive Information.
Can the AI chatbot be customized to suit my Shopify store's branding?
Absolutely, Our AI Chatbot Service Offers Customization Options To Align With Your Shopify Store's Branding And Unique Requirements.

AI chatbot service for shopify

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